About Me

Hi, I'm Kwesi Dadson. A full stack software developer primarily doing Ruby/Rails + typescript/React. I'm more back-end inclined and also experienced in C#/dotnet, Java and python/flask (and for scripting in general).

Ruby/Rails Engineer - Andela

As a Ruby/Rails engineer, I work with Andela to provide high quality software engineering as a service for the client I've been paired with.

Software Engineer - Petra Fund Services

At Petra, I did a bit of everything. I worked on projects using C#/dotnet, Python and Ruby/Rails.

Software Engineer - appsNmobile Solutions

I revolutionized how appsNmobile Solutions build USSD APIs. I built USSD APIs, Payment integrations and management applications with Ruby Sinatr and Rails.

What I’m good at?

I have listed what my abilities are below

Backend with Rails

I am primarily a back-end developer. I excel when I focus on logic and create the core of whichever application I work on. Aside Rails, I'm able to build APIs in python/flask, C#/dotnet and also java/VertX

Utility Scripts

I enjoy writing scripts to do "stuff". I have scripts that automate simple activities like trading crypto on binance, posting and doing simple actions on Twitter among others.


DevOps isn't a strong hold but I am very confident of my Linux skills and have experience with containerization, continuous integration and deployment and I'm familiar with AWS and Heroku.

Front End

I use typescript/React for frontend. I wouldn't call myself a front-end engineer but I do what it takes to put a full application together without the help of a front-end engineer.

My Work

Here are some of the projects I've worked on


Phoenix CRM

Petra USSD

Petra's official USSD

MTN's shares USSD

MTN's trade shares USSD under *170# > option 5 > option 6

Premium Bank Platform

Premium Bank USSD and management Platform

Twitter Authorization API

Ut sollicitudin risus

Twitter Automation Platform

A platform for several automation activities (WIP)

Contact Me

I hope to hear from you!